Hey starlet (freakshownia) wrote in tqc_exercise,
Hey starlet


I just finished my first morning workout since.... 2005??? I plan to repeat this every morning, adding time and repetitions. I will also do the stretches again in the evening, eventually adding a mid-day stretch as well (I want to get back up to same level I was as a gymnast/contortionist). What floor exercises should be done more than once a day? Should I do them all in the morning, split them up morning and evening? Should the exercises be done every day as well, or should I be doing different muscle groups on different days?

Stretching - 45 minutes (I can list what I do if anyone is interested. This will eventually be increased to 2 hrs)

Floor exercises. I'm weak and puny and this was all I could do D= Eventually I'll be doing a lot more!
Crunches - 20
Reverse crunches - 6
Leg lifts - 10 R/10 L

I also have hand weights I'd like to add in to my routine as well, but I don't know what to do with them! What other floor exercises should I add? I need to improve strength of EVERYTHING but especially arm and core muscles. Help???
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