NotTied (nottied) wrote in tqc_exercise,

Your bad food habits

All right tqc_exercisers:  What're your bad/worst food habits that you either need to change or would like to change?

My eating habits are really nice for the most part lately but:

1.  I always want an iced drink when I'm driving.  On my good days I'll get nothing.  On my bad days I'll get a black, no sweetener or creamer, iced coffee, and on my worst days Taco Bell's Frutista freeze owns me(today :( )

2.  This one is weirder and stupider, but I do it regardless ><  If I'm in Rite Aid(getting a prescription refilled or buying makeup I'm running out of) I almost always end up buying something chocolate.  If I'm managing to control myself I get gum.  I rarely leave without something sweet though (thankfully I don't go there too often, no?).  I think it's mainly due to boredom (them making me wait 20 minutes for the refill, etc)
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