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ow my knees [13 Oct 2011|08:06pm]

You guys, my knees hurt. I despair of ever being able to do squats or run again. My butt will become a weak, wrinkly old thing that can't hold my body up. WHAT CAN I DO. It has been nearly two months now...I already went to the doctor and he said, stop doing squats if they hurt. ARGH.
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[05 Mar 2011|01:36am]

Any tips for improving balance?
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[08 Feb 2011|12:03pm]

why is it that I weigh more at night than I do in the morning?
How am I supposed to track how much weight I'm loosing if I have a 4 lb difference depending on when I weigh myself?
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Exercises [07 Feb 2011|07:20am]

I just finished my first morning workout since.... 2005??? I plan to repeat this every morning, adding time and repetitions. I will also do the stretches again in the evening, eventually adding a mid-day stretch as well (I want to get back up to same level I was as a gymnast/contortionist). What floor exercises should be done more than once a day? Should I do them all in the morning, split them up morning and evening? Should the exercises be done every day as well, or should I be doing different muscle groups on different days?

Stretching - 45 minutes (I can list what I do if anyone is interested. This will eventually be increased to 2 hrs)

Floor exercises. I'm weak and puny and this was all I could do D= Eventually I'll be doing a lot more!
Crunches - 20
Reverse crunches - 6
Leg lifts - 10 R/10 L

I also have hand weights I'd like to add in to my routine as well, but I don't know what to do with them! What other floor exercises should I add? I need to improve strength of EVERYTHING but especially arm and core muscles. Help???
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TQC! [05 Jul 2010|11:05am]

Post your workout playlists! I need new music to exercise to!!

And long live exercising =)

hope you guys are doing well with ur plans!
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[03 Jul 2010|02:18pm]

TQC, question!

When is the best time to exercise for you?
Do you eat pre-workout or post workout?
How much exercise have you done this week?
Recommendations for someone who'd like to take up running who for their life cannot keep up for more than 2-5 mins? OK maybe not that narrow time span, but still .. I am always heaving and can't go on! Suggestions to build up my stamina?
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[28 Jun 2010|12:15am]


I know this place has not been updated in forever but I needed some help and was hoping I could help some other people in the process

I want to do some ab training because I don't want to have crappy core strenght when I take some physical conditioning classes in the fall (phys cond part 2, and core training) so I have an ab work out plan that would create a 15 and 30 minute work out (depending on how long you do each one - one minite vs 30 seconds etc)

BUT I haven't been too good about keeping up with this so I was wondering if anyone wanted to be my ab buddies and remind me that I have to take time and do them every day and I will return the favor and we will all have really hot abs in like a month!

If anyone is interested I'll explain what you need and the plan for it and we'll figure out the best way to contact each other etc.
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[21 Sep 2009|01:34pm]

I just got back from the gym. I'm starting Couch to 5k again. This is like the third time, but the plan is to actually stick with it this time. For real. But I did the week one podcast today (obviously). It was tough, but I did alright. I went to the gym on Saturday, too, and tried to start it then, but the treadmill I was on kept fucking up and shutting itself off so I gave up and went on the elliptical instead. Also on Saturday, I did like a million crunches (really it was around 120, but still), and some pushups. Lots of stretching, always. I love stretching. Today, though, I skipped the crunches and push-ups. Once I got off the treadmill, all I wanted to do was lay down lol. It's only 1:30 right now, so I'm obviously not done with foods for the day, but so far I've had a Special K bar between my two morning classes. Yay for being a college student! Okay, off the shower for me, as I am a sweaty mess. And then I will have a decent-sized lunch to make up for my lack of breakfast.

Also, lolforever, my tag is spelled wrong! :(
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mod post! [31 Aug 2009|10:37pm]

does anyone have any ideas for new tags? right now, almost all of them are for specific users, but i just created a new one for the 30 day shred thing a few of your are talking about.

btw, you guys can tag your posts, so feel free!
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[31 Aug 2009|03:37pm]

holy CRAP!
I just did my first level 1 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and it totally kicked my ass.

It didn't help that it was hot as heck in my house. BUt it seems totally aweosme and I'm super excited to do it every day.
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[29 Aug 2009|10:12pm]

Awesome, a TQC exercise community! I had no idea. Figured I'd come over here and check it out.

I mentioned the 30 Day Shred today over at regular TQC. I just got done with the first day and holy shit, my legs will not work. I could barely make it to the kitchen to get some water, lol. I'm terrified of how I'm going to feel tomorrow! I know you're not supposed to stop for breaks during the workout, but I had to or I would have either thrown up or passed out. I seriously do not work out at all. Not even walking. So yeah, this thoroughly kicked my ass.

So now I ask you people: what other workouts should I be doing? I am considering going jogging in my grandpa's neigborhood three days a week. I mainly want to concentrate on my stomach though, and flatten/tone it up.
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Your bad food habits [11 Aug 2009|06:22pm]

All right tqc_exercisers:  What're your bad/worst food habits that you either need to change or would like to change?

My eating habits are really nice for the most part lately but:

1.  I always want an iced drink when I'm driving.  On my good days I'll get nothing.  On my bad days I'll get a black, no sweetener or creamer, iced coffee, and on my worst days Taco Bell's Frutista freeze owns me(today :( )

2.  This one is weirder and stupider, but I do it regardless ><  If I'm in Rite Aid(getting a prescription refilled or buying makeup I'm running out of) I almost always end up buying something chocolate.  If I'm managing to control myself I get gum.  I rarely leave without something sweet though (thankfully I don't go there too often, no?).  I think it's mainly due to boredom (them making me wait 20 minutes for the refill, etc)
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[08 Aug 2009|06:29pm]

How's everyone doing exercise-wise?

I haven't been doing much this week. I was stressed with school stuff (still am). I hope to go running in a few days. Exercise helps clear my mind, but I'm also on my period and ugh... not gonna bother working out.

I hope everyone else has been getting work outs in!
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[26 Jul 2009|01:33am]

Today I exercised for the first time in weeks. It felt awesome. Food wasn't so wonderful, but this calls for baby steps, people!

And we'll all float on okay~Collapse )
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[11 Jul 2009|02:10am]

i noticed we haven't had a post in over a week, so i feel the need to post!

how have you all been doing this past week? i haven't been doing super well, but i'm going to hop on the exercise bike soon, hopefully for at least 40 minutes. : )
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Today's things... okay, just today's food... [01 Jul 2009|01:36am]

I wanted to go running today, but I didn't wake up in time to do that, and be showered, and be on time for my doctor's appointment. Maybe I'll go tomorrow. Today wasn't my best food day, either, but I'm trying.

Witty cut textCollapse )
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Follow-up to my ranting and frustration [25 Jun 2009|04:51pm]

So far, I've got myself on a sort of a turnaround from where I was last post. :3
I went food-shopping with my mom and got some simple staple items like brown rice and light wheat bread. And then I went to Whole Foods and got a container of Chicken Caesar Salad, portabello mushrooms, a pack of Boca burgers, and a couple other simple things. And I told my mom I wanted to cook for myself, and opted out of the ribs she made yesterday in lieu of a Boca burger. I went running today to the tune of Week One of the Couch to 5k Podcast. Didn't go too badly, only the last 60 second running bit was really like AHHH NO MORE. I probably won't go running again until Monday though because I don't wanna be all sore and bleh for work all weekend.

Today, I ate a yogurt before running, and after I had about two cups of that salad. It was delicious. I don't know what I'm doing for dinner, but I'm thinking it's a good day for a Lean Cuisine spinach and mushroom pizza. Mmmm I love those things.
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Uuuggghhhhh... [24 Jun 2009|12:32am]

CUTCollapse )

Okay, enough ridiculous ranting. I'm sorry if I sound whiney. I'll take it out if for whatever reason this is a no-no.
Anyway, today I ate a Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza, a Dairy Queen Oreo Brownie Earthquake [BAAAHHHH BUT IT WAS SO GOOD], and for dinner a piece of chicken covered in mushrooms, peppers, bread crumbs, and worcestorshire sauce that my mom concocted, peas and carrots, and a little bit of egg noodles with margarine on them.

Oh! I've been meaning to post this: I bought Personal Trainer Walking. I love it. I wear it pretty much everywhere, especially at work. I can see how people could think it's a waste of money, but it works just right for me. :)

Also, a question, because I'm in desparate need of a playlist update: What do you listen to [if anything] while exercising?

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[23 Jun 2009|02:30am]

i just did 35 minutes on the exercise bike on level 5, and burned 167 calories. last night, i did 33 minutes on level 5. go me!
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[21 Jun 2009|02:07am]

so what are everyone's goals?

i'm hoping to lose around 25-30 pounds and lose 6-8 inches off my waist.
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